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Grandma Crunch chocolate flavoured, high protein cereal is a whopping 52% protein, with only 6g carbs per bowl, no sugar and a heck of a lot of CRUNCH!

Imagine your favourite protein shake - Chocolate of course - as a cereal! Coated in real cocoa powder and flavoured with only natural chocolate flavourings!

Grandma Crunch created her amazing protein/carb ratio to cater to those who want to focus on enjoying a snack which is nutritious and satisfying. Taking a choice to eat healthily is a treat for the mind and body

How much protein is in each portion?

With even more protein than previous versions of Grandma Crunch, a total of 16g protein per portion, and a much improved Cocoa flavour, this is for those Chocolate fans who sold out our v1 so quickly! 

Not far off one scoop of protein shake which average around 21g!

What about sugar?

0g sugar with 100% Crunch! Grandma Crunch mission is to reduce the sugar filled snacks filling the supermarket shelves. After years developing her zero sugar alternative, and the help of 6 months of customer feedback, Grandma Crunch launches Is proud to launch the second sugar free version of Grandma Crunch. 

What's changed with v2?

All v2 flavours use coconut oil, pea starch and pea concentrate, to improve on the previous ingredients after all of your feedback.

Although Grandma Crunch is no longer sweetened with Erythritol, and instead uses sucralose, fans can rest assured eating Grandma Crunch won't affect blood sugar levels like sugar or other sweeteners like Maltitol - often found in other high protein snacks! Grandma's keto friendly snacks are aimed at all audiences!

Is Grandma Crunch vegan?

As well as being vegan and dairy-free, Grandma Crunch is grain-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and preservative free! Grandma Crunch boxes aren't sat for years in warehouses, so there's no need to add preservatives to any of Grandma Crunch's products.

How does it arrive?

Delivered as 4 x 248g boxes - 8 servings per box, 32 servings total.

4 boxes are intended as a one month supply when eating 1 serving per day.


Grandma Crunch Cocoa

Soy protein isolate, pea starch, pea concentrate, coconut oil, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural chocolate flavour, sweetener: sucralose, salt

Nutritional Information:


per 100g per 31g serving


1835 kJ 569.97 kJ


438.7 kcal 136.22 kcal


51.54g 16.01g


15.68g 4.87g


20.45g 6.35g

of which sugars

0.55g 0.17g


4.825g 1.50g


0.02g 0.00g


Soy protein isolate
, pea starch, pea concentrate, coconut oil, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural chocolate flavour, sweetener: sucralose, salt

Soy protein isolate
, pea starch, pea concentrate, coconut oil, cinnamon powder, natural cinnamon flavour, sweetener: sucralose, salt

Soy protein isolate
, pea starch, pea concentrate, coconut oil, coconut powder, natural coconut flavour, sweetener: sucralose, salt

Peanut Butter Brownie:
Soy protein isolate
, pea starch, pea concentrate, coconut oil, cocoa powder, peanut powder, soy lecithin, natural peanut butter flavour, natural chocolate flavour, sweetener: sucralose, salt

Salted Caramel:
Soy protein isolate
, coconut oil, pea starch, pea concentrate, caramel flavour, salt, sweetener: sucralose, natural colour: caramel

Soy protein isolate
, pea starch, coconut oil, pea concentrate, strawberry jam (strawberry, apple), natural flavourings, sweetener: sucralose, salt, natural colour: carmine


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