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Coconut (4 Pack) *2022 Keto Recipe*

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Please note: This range has short 'best before' dates as it is being discontinued.

Coconut boxes will have either a Nov 23 or a Apr 24 before date, cinnamon boxes will have a Nov 23 best before date and Strawberry will have an Apr 24 best before date. 

Grandma Crunch Protein Cereal is made to be a delicious recipe using pea protein! Made for those of you who prioritise flavour and texture but still want great macros in your snacks.

This chocolate flavoured, high protein cereal is made of 31% pea protein, a great source of plant-based, complete protein. It also has just 10g carbs per bowl, less than 0.5g of sugar and as always, a heck of a lot of CRUNCH!

Grandma Crunch Protein Cereal is another high protein, low carb recipe perfect for those who want to meet their protein goals whilst remaining conscious of the carbs and sugar they eat! 


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