• High Protein 💪

    A whopping 16g of protein per bowl. With over 50% protein, Grandma Crunch has 88% more protein than meat.

  • Zero Sugar 😳

    All Grandma Crunch cereals contain 0g sugar per bowl!

  • Low Carbohydrate 👏

    With only 6g carbs per bowl and a protein to carb ratio of more than 2:1, Grandma Crunch is ideal for keto and cutting!

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  • High in MCT oil

    Grandma Crunch is designed for those aiming to be in ketosis. 50% of Grandma Crunch fats come from MCT OIL.

  • No GMO

    None of Grandma Crunch ingredients are from GMO sources.

  • Gluten & Grain Free

    All Grandma Crunch products are gluten and grain free, and made in a gluten safe environment.

  • Low Glycemic Index

    Grandma Crunch uses sweeteners which have a minimal GI impact, for better blood sugar regulation.

We are Grandma Crunch!

Grandma Crunch believes the future of food is better. 🚀 🥣

Grandma's recipes keep her fit and strong and now she's ready to show you! 💪 🏋️‍♀️

To ensure her recipes are the best they can be, she needs your help. With your feedback, Grandma Crunch improves her recipes, flavours and macros continuously!

Together we can take on the food industry 🙌

30-Day Happiness Gaurantee

If you aren't happy with your order we will refund your purchase.

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