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  • Pea Protein

    Unlike our strictly keto range, our protein range is soy-free and instead uses pea protein as the base protein ingredient!

    Pea protein is a complete protein and therefore perfect for muscle building.

    It also lends to a nicer taste and crunch than using other protein types!

  • Great Taste

    It's very difficult to create a great tasting product with no sugar, and so few carbs, but with our pea protein range it's a little easier. 

    Made with taste in mind, Grandma's protein range is the tastiest option for sure.

  • Value for Money

    Grandma's protein recipe is a great snack to get your protein in at a fraction of the cost of buying protein bars, yoghurts or ready made shakes too!

    Working out at around 74p per bowl, stocking up your shelves with Grandma's protein treat makes you feel like a real winner!

  • Natural Sweeteners

    We use erythritol and stevia to sweeten our keto range.

    This means Grandma Crunch is naturally sweetened and not affecting your GI levels!

  • Even Fewer Net Carbs

    With only 3g net carbs per bowl, Grandma Crunch is suitable and ideal for a keto diet.

    The best macros you will find in a snack like this... show us better and we'll gasp in disbelief and give you a freebie... 🌟

  • Fewer Calories

    As well as super low net carbs, our recipe also has low calories per bowl, so you can eat even more Grandma Crunch every day!

  • High Protein 💪

    The base of all our bowls is protein. We recognise that protein can be a difficult macro to get into your diet whilst meeting your macro goals. Grandma Crunch bowls range between 30-50% protein content 👏 👏 👏

  • Plant Based 🌱

    All Grandma Crunch products will always be plant-based. This is a step we decided to take as a company to help save our environment.

  • Low Carbohydrate 👍

    Contrary to most 'cereals' you've ever eaten, we keep our carbs low. Our original keto cereal range has a protein to carb ratio of more than 2:1 making Grandma Crunch ideal for cutting!

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  • High in MCT oil

    Grandma Crunch is designed for those aiming to be in ketosis. 50% of Grandma Crunch fats come from MCT OIL.

  • No GMO

    None of Grandma Crunch ingredients are from GMO sources.

  • Gluten & Grain Free

    All Grandma Crunch products are gluten and grain free, and made in a gluten safe environment.

  • Low Glycemic Index

    Grandma Crunch uses sweeteners which have a minimal GI impact, for better blood sugar regulation.

We are Grandma Crunch!

Grandma Crunch believes the future of food is better. 🚀 🥣

Grandma's recipes keep her fit and strong and now she's ready to show you! 💪 🏋️‍♀️

To ensure her recipes are the best they can be, she needs your help. With your feedback, Grandma Crunch improves her recipes, flavours and macros continuously!

Together we can take on the food industry 🙌