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Who are we?

Grandma Crunch makes protein snacks with a purpose.

For those who want a new way to consume a high protein diet, with low carbohydrate and no sugar.

Our cereals are enjoyed by athletes, families, gym-goers and people with goals such as cutting without muscle loss. 

Low in GI and carbohydrates, making it perfect for diabetics & keto diets.

Which Grandma Crunch is for me?


    Our Keto Cereal

    Benefit: Suitable for keto, low GI, ultra-low carbs and diabetics diets.

    The macros*: 50% Protein | 20% Carbs | 15% Fat

    Base ingredient: Soy protein based

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    Our Protein Cereal

    Benefit: It's super tasty, cost effective and allergen free (no soy)

    The macros*: 30% Protein | 30% Carbs | 20%Fat

    Base ingredient: Pea protein

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Our Keto Cereal

  • Up to 50% protein

    Using a complete plant protein, it's 88% more protein dense than meat.

  • Low Carbohydrates

    Perfect for keto or low carb diets, where your body uses fat as energy instead of sugar.

  • Zero Sugar

    No GI impact, meaning no sugar crashes, no sugar cravings and great for diabetics.

  • Coconut Oil

    High in MCTs: easily digested and perfect for those in ketosis, to help boost ketone production and energy!


  • 1. What is Keto?

    Keto is a diet restricting carbohydrate intake to less than 20g per day. As a result your body fuels itself from fat (ketones) instead of glucose.

  • 2. What's the point?

    1) Fat loss, without muscle loss. (Shredding)
    2) Your brain runs more efficiently. (Ketones)
    3) Feel fuller for longer (Reduced hunger hormones)

  • 3. Can I learn more?

    We have full guides of keto over on our blog here:

    Coming Soon
  • 4. Where can I buy Grandma Crunch?

    We ship online in the EU & UK - just add to cart:

No Gluten, No Wheat, No Grains, No Dairy, No Preservatives.

Keto is not for everyone, but protein is...

Recipe 3: Our Protein Cereal

  • Pea Protein

    A great complete protein, for those looking to repair and build muscle.

  • Allergen Free

    No Soy, No Preservatives
    No Gluten, No Wheat
    No Grains, No Dairy

  • Better Tasting

    With slightly higher carbs, comes slightly better taste. But don't worry because if you don't like the taste we will refund your order.

  • Better Value

    As low as £4 per box, makes Grandma Crunch Pea Protein the best priced product on the market.

  • What the H*LL is Recipe 3?

    Grandma Crunch always takes feedback for each of her recipes. Grandma Crunch is community led, creating new recipes and improvements based on our customer feedback. Recipe 3 is the 3rd recipe released by Grandma Crunch.

    The three main requests we had for Recipe 3 were:
    1) Bring out a soy-free version

    2) Be more cost effective

    3) Make it tastier

    Recipe 3 is the tasty option for those who want a high protein, low carb cereal and prioritise deliciousness over and above the crazy good keto macros of our keto cereal 💪

  • What's the difference to the Keto cereal?

    Recipe 3 uses pea protein, making it our soy-free recipe, compared to the keto cereal which uses soy protein to keep carbs extremely low.

    Both pea and soy proteins are complete proteins, but pea protein comes with macro changes.

    Recipe 3 macros are slightly lower in protein, slightly higher in carbs but still awesome.

    Recipe 3 has significantly higher fibre content of between 4.7g-7g with a low unsaturated fat content.

    It's also more cost effective, and tastier too 😉

  • I want Recipe 4!

    We are a community based project, we listen to the feedback of our members and improve our recipes regularly.

    Recipe 4 is expected to be ready in March 2023.

    If you have any suggestions please do e-mail us on hello@grandmacrunch.com. There may still be time for tweaks if you want them 🎉

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Hack your metabolism.

Keto is a powerful tool when used correctly.
Building muscle and strength whilst reducing fat is possible.

Two recent studies compared the western diet to a keto diet showing significant fat reduction and muscle increase over a typical western diet.

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